Luxury Prefab Homes

  • Teak Bali is one of the most accomplished Tropical Hardwood Timber Home Builders on the green planet.
  • Our talented Design Team can realize your vision, we create innovative ‘Bali Style’ Post & Beam Homes.
  • We are custom fabricators and can construct 100% according to your specifications and requirements.
  • With offices in Bali and Hawaii, we can deliver you a ‘State of the Art’ sustainable Timber Home to your door anywhere in the world.
  • Turn-Key Solutions: Pre-fabrication in Bali allows for fast construction times, quick, simple and systematic. We furnish concise 2D and 3D Assembly Plans, step by step Assembly Photos and onsite assembly support.
  • Termite, Hurricane and Earthquake resistant: We fabricate durable Homes that will last many lifetimes.
  • Sustainable Building materials: Tropical hardwoods are the planet’s most environmentally responsible building material. Teak Bali is committed to Re-forest all hardwoods used in the manufacturing process.